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By | November 12, 2019


Today I want to talk about the integration of SquaredUp with external APIs. As an example I want to integrate date coming from Uptimerobot (https://uptimerobot.com/)  in SquaredUp. Uptimerobot enables you to aadd 50 websites to check for free.

First of all create an account for Uptimerobot

To be able to access data we need to create an API key, therefore go to “My Settings”. Go all the way down until you see “Read-Only API Key”. Click “Show/Hide it”. Create the API key (or copy the one that is already listed)

The Uptimerobot API is documented here: https://uptimerobot.com/api

Next step is adding the API in SquaredUp. Open Squaredup > System > Web Api. Click “Add New Provider”. Fill in Service name, base URL should be the following: https://api.uptimerobot.com/v2

Click Add provider, it should look like this:

Now it’s time to create a dashboard. I want to show the status of all monitors and the responsetimes as well, let’s go.

Create a new empty dashboard select the “Web API” tile

Select “Web API (grid)”

Under Scope, click Next

 Select “Uptime Robot” Provider

Click Next

Select “Post” and add the url /getmonitors

Provide the necessary parameters

Under Key path enter monitors

Add any columns you want in the grid eg. Friendly Name

I wanted to show the response times as well but in seconds. The value is gathered in milliseconds so it should be divided by 1000.

The output looks like this:

Hope this helps to set this up if you might need it!

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